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Switch2 | on demand webinars Available to view now

In April 2020, Switch2 launched its Heat Network webinar programme

The series is now available on demand, for those working in local authorities, housing associations, private developers, contractors and consultants - with responsibility for developing and managing heat networks.

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Why remote connectivity should be part of your plant maintenance strategy

Covers remote connectivity to plantrooms and how cameras and alarms enable you to effectively manage plantrooms and energy centres remotely. Includes a live demonstration of the cameras and technology at a London plant room which Switch2 manages.

Return temperatures and efficiency - how to use metering to monitor performance

Covers using the metering system to collect return temperatures, and how this can be used to remotely inform maintenance diagnostics and improve efficiency.

Moving to more proactive maintenance for reliability and cost saving

With advanced heat metering systems now providing a wealth of performance data we explore how Switch2 are exploiting this opportunity to move to more proactive maintenance regimes delivering high customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency and reliability of residential heat networks.

Improving heat network efficiency to achieve net-zero targets

Heat networks are a key element in the Government’s plans to decarbonise and meet net zero. However, to do this they need to be run efficiently and deliver cost effective, reliable heat. This webinar will demonstrate how we are changing the traditional approach to operating communal heating systems levering the advances in communication and digitisation.

Why design, build and operate?

The importance in ownership of the Design and Build phase, in the successful operation of heat networks, this session will cover the end to end heat network process and the benefits of the party who designs and builds the heat network also operating and maintaining this for the long term. 

Heat metering and specification with Landis+Gyr

Specifying the right meters for your project is vital. This webinar will cover heat metering, the benefits, what to be aware of, and how regulation is driving all scheme owners to install meters. 

Selling electricity to residents: opportunities for developers

Covers the regulations that apply to the resale and generation of electricity on residential developments and provide an introduction to exemptions to the requirement for a licence.

Connected HIU & Remote Diagnosis

Connected heat interface units provide enhanced data and visibility to enable remote and proactive maintenance, improve performance and customer service. This webinar will cover the benefits and introduce Switch2's latest HIU, the T3 ECO Plus.

Setting the tariff to balance economics and affordability

This webinar will consider fair approaches to tariff setting, influences from Europe, communication with residents and how often it should be reviewed.

How to deliver metering and billing - a best practice approach

Covers our best practice approach to metering and billing to ensure accuracy, quality service and customer satisfaction. It will address equipment specification, metering and billing processes, regulation and an understanding of open and closed protocol.

ESCos explained: ESCo options & benefits to stakeholders

This webinar will include the perspective of the ESCo covering customer service, the role of the ESCo, different types, benefits and drawbacks. Legal perspective covering the developer and ESCo relationship, the impact on phased developments and connection and adoption fees. How impending regulation might affect ESCos and the future of them.

The role of 4th and 5th generation heat networks in meeting net zero goals

This webinar will look at the future technologies and opportunities for heat networks and how these can assist with carbon reduction targets.

Heat Network Regulations - Retrofitting heat meters: Ensuring you are compliant

This webinar is an in-depth examination of the newly updated Heat Network Regulations. It will clearly explain and demonstrate to heat suppliers how they approach the task of analysing housing stock to meet the strict deadlines.

Heat Network Regulations – how to complete the notifications template

Lasting just 30 minutes, our practical webinar includes a recap of the requirements and a demonstration of the Notification tool. The webinar will help heat suppliers understand their requirements, identify the information needed for the submission and understand how to complete the tool. 

Heat Network Regulations – how to categorise your buildings

As part of the recent updates to the Heat Network Regulations, heat suppliers need to analyse their buildings on heat networks and categorise them as either; viable, open or exempt. This categorisation needs to be included in the Notification template, and those classed as ‘open’ must complete the cost effectiveness tool to check if metering is required. Our webinar will explain the categories and demonstrate to heat suppliers how they can analyse their stock. 

AMR Options

A key element to delivering reliable and accurate metering and billing is the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. Whereas heat meters are largely commoditised the AMR area is not, with lots of different options, each with benefits and drawbacks. The choice of AMR will depend on the type of building, heat network, what you want to achieve from your heat meter readings and your approach to pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and smart metering. This session will explore AMR options and the application to help you select the right AMR system for your heat networks.

Smart metering & pay-as-you-go

This session will focus on smart metering and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) for heat networks. There are many different options available in the market and this session will help to explain the options to help operators make suitable choices for their schemes and residents.

Understanding & implementing the Heat Network Regulations

The updates to the Heat Network Regulations mean heat suppliers need to take decisive action to meet the compliance deadlines. This webinar, in partnership with Purdy Contracts, will explain the updates and the practical steps heat suppliers must take. It will cover desktop activities, surveying and project planning for meter installation.

Government funding for heat networks – what does it mean for the future?

This webinar will cover the Green Heat Network Fund and Heat Network Efficiency Scheme, explaining opportunities for developers and building owners. We will also cover the operator’s perspective and discuss the impact these funding schemes will have on new and existing heat networks.