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Switch2 Meter2Bill Supporting you on the journey to compliance and meeting the requirements of the Heat Network Regulations

With only 2 months until the first deadline for the Regulations, heat suppliers need to start analysing their housing portfolio and submitting the required documentation to the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

If you need support in completing the Cost Effectiveness Tools and notifications, we are here to help you.

As well as identifying the information needed and data for the tools, we can draw on our breadth of experience and knowledge to provide added value information to give a fuller picture of your heat networks and enable you to plan for the future.

We will:

  • Analyse your buildings and put them into classes
  • Complete the cost effectiveness tools
  • Desktop analysis of buildings to provide cost-benefit analysis of metering
  • Assist in carrying out a physical survey, if metering is required
  • Support with developing the installation programme, if required

What will this do for you:

  • Provide advice that metering is required or is not required on your heat networks
  • Budget costs for supply, installation, and commissioning of the compliant metering system
  • Budget costs for metering and billing services
  • Options for procurement including outright purchase, frameworks, and Switch2’s financing models
  • Provide you with information to carry out your Heat Network Regulations notification
  • Provide value added information including scheme efficiency and potential CO2 savings

With some simple information from you (12 months gas bills, scheme details, current charges) we can simplify the process and support you in your compliance within the timescales.

Complete your details in the form to start your journey to compliance today.